Atheism over the last century and this have seen a steady rise, both in numbers and influence.  The likes of Voltaire, Nietzsche, and Marx rallied the world in a godless society on the one hand and on the other hand, the vile influence of religious extremism (Or perhaps to make a more politically incorrect statement, false religions) have caused a natural generalization that religion is the opiate of the world.

The rise of champions such as Hitchens, Harris, Dawkins, and now recently, Krauss have catapulted some of the most intellectually hollow books into the best seller list, thinking that in condescending theists, they can get away without sound reasoning.

Not so.  In fact, the only sword atheism has, if any, is the same sword used by fundamentalist anti-intellectualist belief systems.  They compel belief through condescension, false accusations, ad hominem attacks and rhetoric, without actually wanting to sit down and consider the options.

Having been a person who sailed on both seas, atheism and theism, and for years having spent to ponder which of the two has the better explanatory power, atheism at best is relegated to agnosticism and at worst, a belief system rooted in mid air.  Christopher Hitchens was once asked on whether he sees himself as an atheist and he easily fumbled, knowing full well that the intellectual ramifications of the position he holds on to is fatal.  Atheism is really not a LACK of belief in God, it is rather the denial of God’s existence.  For if it is simply a lack of ‘belief’, then they should use the word “Unbelief” rather than “Atheist.” For denying the ‘belief in something’ is different from denying the existence of ‘something’.  The English dictionary is perhaps the best source for this.  Words like acellular (No cell) ; amorphous (No form) ; atypical (Not typical) comes to mind.  If I do not believe that cells exist, I would not call myself an ‘accellularist’,  rather, I would call myself an ‘unbeliever of cells’ for lack of a better term.  Why? because an ‘accellularist’ is one who says there is no cell, not simply a lack of belief.  We’re not playing with words here.  We are rather calling a spade a spade with a goal to avoid any form of misrepresentation.  Perhaps, call it ‘afideism’ rather than ‘atheism’?

Why I Think It Will Soon Die

Atheism simply has no positive reasons to show that there is no God.  It denies a ‘creator’ of the universe and therefore had to retreat to different models of the universe’s beginning.  Some even, denies its beginning.  They therefore proposed  theories such as the multiverse, the steady state model, and the oscillating model, just to name a few.  Yet science, the backbone of atheism, has shown that either such theories are moot, or are, at our present knowledge, implausible… if not impossible.  For instance, the Second Law of Thermodynamics shows the universe cannot have existed in the past eternal… so does the multiverse (space of course, is limited for me to expound further).

Atheist rejects a creator of life, and so they retreat to evolution.  Yet this argument simply blows evolution to bits.  Michael Behe, in his book Darwin’s Black Box, explained that cells for instance, a key agent needed for evolution of one generation of creatures to the next, would have evolved over time if evolution is true.  Yet however, he shows that if at least one part of the cell is missing (ex. remove the Mitochondria), the cell would stop working!  Therefore, if it is necessary for the cell to start as a complex, fully functional micro-machine for evolution to even occur. It thus means that evolution had no impact whatsoever in the creation of the cells.  But if that’s the case, then where do cells come from?!

Further, evidences from the Cambrian explosion shows that evolution could not have happened.  Atheist who would press this matter had only their own version of “God of the Gaps” to offer, namely, “science will one day tilt the evidence in ‘our’ favor.”

So much for intellectual irresponsibility.

Following the Evidence Where It Leads

I am often asked, as a Christian, “what if I’m wrong?” and I take it often to be an honest question.  Sure, I can be wrong… and if I am wrong, it is my moral and intellectual responsibility to abandon my faith and believe in the truth.  But thus far, having studied the matter, with the evidences we have at hand, the evidence for theism is overwhelming.  So much that to look at the evidences objectively and still think that atheism is the more reasonable stand is, I think, intellectual dishonesty.

Atheism will die because it lacks an intellectual foundation.  The very backbone upon which they hang all their hopes to betrays them.  Biology, Physics, Cosmology, Archaeology, Sociology, Psychology even History defies atheism at its core.    Science can never make a dictate on morals.  It can only tell you its observation.  Science cannot tell a person not to stab a baby to death.  It can only tell that once the stabbing occurs, blood will spurt and the infant will cry in agony until it is smothered in silence.  Finally, the baby would be inanimate, reduced to a bag of meat.  In a godless society, one group has no right to dictate its morals on the other.  For if such is the case, wouldn’t it turn out to be elitism smuggled as ‘moral progress’? Only in the presence of a God would morals be anchored.

The Choice

Atheists in the end, like anyone, should follow the evidence where it leads.  What we have at hand points overwhelmingly in favor of theism and I don’t see it shifting in the atheists’ favor in the decades to come.  I think that atheists should take every effort to assess the evidence without having their worldview cloud their evaluation.  Acknowledging one’s position is inferior over the other is not an embarrassment.  It is courage.  In an intellectual battle, feelings are irrelevant.  We work with data, not emotions.  We work with logic, not intuitions.

Atheism will die.  It started with a trumpet blast.  It will end in silence.


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