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On January 10, 2013, in Personal, by july

With much more free time now, I find myself having more opportunity to rest, relax, and enjoy hobbies I couldn’t have otherwise do were it to poke my interest a couple of months back.

The turn of the previous year has been littered with much stress.  It is even more interesting that almost none of them found their roots in my profession.  Sure, there are some hiccups here and there.  The difference between two men is pretty much a hint that no two people can agree with each other with a hundred percent mark.  Time and again, differences in opinion will surface… and often, those who are willing to learn, or perhaps, those who are always looking for opportunities to learn, end up winning.  For he who seeks wisdom finds it.  He who treats it with contempt shoos in away.

Bible reading is back to my schedule.  Of course, apart from the daily devotion that is, I have restarted a yearly journey with the Holy Book as how it was as always.  I hope to finish it by June.  I could obviously finish it sooner, but a proper allotment of time over all my activities takes precedence.  To properly shepherd one’s time, I think, is pretty much important.  thus, I often find myself unable to respond positively to invites that would come unexpectedly.

Planning ahead is not so much in my chemistry.  But I definitely respond better with a plan.

Well anyway, I also am enjoying some great time remembering the past.  I have been a huge fan of Flame of Recca.  Even today, about twelve years later, that anime has not left my head.  I could remember almost every detail in it (that’s an exaggeration).  In fact, among my hobbies is to spend time daydreaming about the next story to write involving this series.  Yup.  I published my first fiction at the age of 14.  Of course, this is free fiction.  It’s called fanfiction.  Who would’ve thought that 13 years later, I would still be writing fiction for the same anime?

Each time I look at my previous writings, I felt really uncomfortable with the grammar and storytelling I did.  They sucked!  Several years down the road, I feel that I would be saying the same thing in everything I wrote on this blog.  In fact, I may end up reading this again several years from now and laugh at how foolishly I construct my sentences.

Tech news have started to wane.  There was CES happening right now in Las Vegas, but nothing is really exciting at this point in time.

Just as I write this, I am reminded of my unfinished school work in BIOLA.  Those guys never responded to my email after sending me my package.  I have absolutely no idea why they ended up silent.  Weird!

We’re also kinda looking for somebody to occupy a room here that will be vacated by the end of the month.  I have high hopes that everything will be just fine.  There are several prospects, one who have already affirmed his interest… which is pretty good for me (and hopefully for him as well).

Oh, yeah!  Church.  It’s more than a month since I laid my feet to that building.  That place is always teeming with activities.  Many of which will chase you to your personal space.  Often, even on your rest days.  Ministry is almost a must in a mature Christian’s life… as many would’ve want to put it.

I’m glad though that this church encourages the basic priorities of a Christian.  God > Family > Ministry.  When ministry is beginning to chew past its borders, then it is important to think twice before moving on.  Being a budding apologist, I have heard of stories of pastors child abandoning the faith because either (1) the parent failed to teach the child properly or (2) the parent failed to RAISE the child properly.

Problem (1) can be easily remedied.  Problem (2) is not.  Some say that Galatians 6:10 is a pillar by which every Christian should lead on.  To make sure that good is done to the family of believers first and the rest second.  I was asked once… about five years ago, why this has to be? Why the family of believers first before others who are not yet believers?

The answer came as soon as the question is finished.  ”It is because when fellow believers fail to become neighbors, surely, others will stumble.”

I do have my own shortcomings to say the least.  In fact, I have time and again found myself entangled between believers of the same God but believers of different doctrines.  I am not a fan of debates if by debate one aims to prove he’s right.  (Okay… some people think I like debates.  I do like debate in that I only like to listen to them.  I don’t jump in to disagree with people whenever I feel like he’s saying something wrong.  I don’t often open up my hands to help if the helpee is unwilling.)

So yeah… perhaps I am right, perhaps I am wrong.  Who knows exactly apart from the Maker?

Ahhhh well.

That’s pretty much a short synopsis of what’s been happening around.  I felt like sitting down and writing something today… and here it is.  Tomorrow’s another day.  A Friday at that.  Looking forward to another productive day at the office.  Surprisingly, praying for it everyday seems to have some pretty nice effect.  I’m happy with my work!

Times up!  Time to sleep!


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