About three months since I returned to Azeroth, that is, the world of Warcraft, I found myself finally outside its grips.  It’s been half a month now since I last touched the game.  Its allure  is long gone.  No longer am I drawn to the addiction that once was.  Perhaps it was the lack of people to hang out with? Or rather the more evident recourse, I have found other activities to devote my time into.  The lack of gaming and relaxation time has not yet taken its toll, but in a few weeks time I’m sure the aroma of its short lived pleasure will court me once more.  With Kingdom Hearts 3D coming out two weeks from now, the return to gaming is almost certainly an event waiting to occur.

I found myself also in a limbo.  BIOLA has stopped replying to my emails for some reason. I have yet to call them to ask why.  As such, I also temporarily suspended my studies until I get an answer from them.  I am also abit engaged with reading other literatures.  Some which I don’t feel comfortable to share.  While none of them are unwarranted in nature, each certainly brings a viewpoint worthy of study.

Two things I’d like to do in this lifetime.  Two things that human beings will constantly ask until death brings them over to the other side of reality.  What does the future hold? And what gives life meaning? I am a Computer Science graduate.  Majored in Information Technology.  It is thus almost a logical inference that I am excited in working on things that will shape the future.  As the whole world moves into the mobilespace, if that is a word, my interest in this area fuels my pursuit.  I’d like to build a great product that people will love.

I also am passionate in looking at life’s meaning.  Is there meaning to life outside of God? The answer seems to be a resounding no.  It is not to say that belief in God is necessary for life to have meaning.  It is rather to say that in the absence of God, life seems to be devoid of meaning.  I don’t see myself as someone making bold statements about how we should pray or why we should be a better person.  Those are the job of preachers.  I rather found myself in the arena of philosophy.  Being the Christian that I am, it seems to follow that Apologetics interest me most.  It is in giving (and looking for) answers to life’s difficult questions that I found my passion to have its greatest heartbeat.

In this comes disappointment.  One, Christians who think that apologetics is anti-God, it seems to me, certainly haven’t had the chance to minister to intelligent people.  Those who say that God works in the heart of man and therefore all we need is to evangelize and stop doing apologetics fail to understand that even the Apostle Paul did apologetics of his own.  While evangelism opens the doors of the heart to be receptive to God’s love, Apologetics works with pre-evangelism in that it gives people the intellectual permission to subscribe to the Christian worldview.  Further, Apologetics also encompasses the post-evangelism process.  While some Christians leave church due to scandals, which evidently, showcases the human weakness… none is so heart stabbing than to see a Christian strip himself of anything religious because of unanswered questions about life.  If Christians would kill off apologetics, the tough questions in life will kill off Christianity… and should this happen, the generations to come will see Christianity simply as one small voice in a cacophony of voices, each proposing its own worldview with none trumping the other.

A personal experience of mine comes to mind.  If it weren’t for the likes of William Lane Craig, Lee Strobel, and Ravi Zacharias, I would have now, at this point, be among the ranks of Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins.  A heavy blow in my faith came in the turn of 2009, it came too close as a hair’s breadth for me to jump from Christianity to Atheism.  The final line I need to cross was to disprove that God exists.  For if I am able to fully satisfy myself of his absence, then Christianity, to me, is simply one of those harmless delusion that permeates mankind.

I tried disproving God long and hard.

After a long journey through it, I gave up.  I tried the atheist’s way, it never worked.  It never was, to me, an intellectually honest option.  Thanks to these apologists that helped me ground my faith, I found myself still sticking with the Christian crowd rallying behind the Savior that is Christ.

Perhaps this shows why apologetics is very close to my heart.  I have seen it work in the lives of others and mine.  The power of reason cannot be denied.  For certainly, even as early as the first chapter if Isaiah, God used it as a means of defense against human rebellion.

It is to no surprise that a life changing experience translates to service.  Such as cancer survivors dedicate a slice of their life to cancer awareness, so am I… once floating in the sea of competing philosophy—some days dragged into the Kingdom and on others, to the shores of skepticism, I found myself more than willing to serve others through thinking and reasoning.  For it is in knowing the real God that we can live a life coherent of meaning.

This is what I do… and this is what my time is spent against for the past few weeks.

A time well spent… and a pretty productive one at that.


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