In a recent post in Debunking Christianity, Harry McCall came up with this article:

Jesus as a Huge Colony of Bacteria: Unclean!

Trillions of bacteria live in our bodies. They outnumber our human cells, 10 to 1. So who’s in charge? What are we? Maybe you thought your body was a noble castle poised against the onslaughts and invasions of the world. Well, think again. It turns out, we are the world. Our bodies are loaded with a jungle of microbial life, inside and out, that is essential to healthy life. New science has found ten times as many bacteria cells as human cells in and on the human body. A load of microbes that work with us from the moment of birth in all kinds of key ways.

Listen to this fascinating discovery on NPR .

(It’s claimed Jesus was not tainted by Original Sin, however – based on modern facts – he sure was during vaginal birth!)

Such argument against Jesus is an insult to basic intellect that is so bad not even an honest skeptic would find it worthy of consideration.

Some atheists are honest intellectuals.  Others are simply there to make a fool out of their own philosophy.  If they would raise an issue about the Problem of Evil then there’s a lot of things to talk about.  But to say that Jesus in unclean on the basis of bacteria presence is just silly.

Where in the Bible does it say that this would make a person unclean?

Let me help you.

None, thank you very much.

Oh, and one more thing… How does even the accusation of Jesus having tainted with Original Sin got anything to do with bacteria? A picture is sometimes worth a thousand words.

By the way, if the atheist is wondering what the Bible means by unclean, this link could help.


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