Betraying the Thinking Mind

On March 30, 2012, in Philosophy, by july

I think that ministers and preachers are making a serious error in saying that a character of God is illogical.

Take for example this book where the title begins by saying that God’s love is illogical. It is, I believe, a mockery of God’s wisdom. To say that God’s love is illogical is also to say that man is more logical than God. Hidden within it is the assumption that one has to be logical in order to say that the other is illogical. To say that God’s love is illogical is a pathetic attempt to showcase God as a being worthy of worship.  For how can one bend his knees to a being whose character does not correspond to objective truth? When man becomes the measure of all things, not even God can escape the scourging of unjustified descriptions.

Proponents of this view would often quip “but God sees us as sinners. How is it logical to love sinners?” to which any informed Christian would respond “he loves sinners not because we are good because He is good.” It is a perfect example to look at the lives of missionaries who, at the risk of their own, would go to tribal areas to preach the Gospel. Are the tribal people not sinners too? Yet it makes perfect sense to love them… Not because they are good, rather because the missionaries are good (at least in the sense that they obey the calling of Christ).

I always have a hard time talking to Christians who doesn’t think that Christianity is logical. Putting one’s Faith into something is also to say that indeed, you first need to have good reasons to put your faith in that something. When a child jumps into the arms of his parents, it’s not that they are jumping blindly into the arms of a stranger. Rather they themselves know that he whom they are jumping to is reliable enough to be able to catch them. That in itself is reason enough, let alone logical.

There is an obvious difference between putting your faith in a cliff to catch you and for a loving parent to do the same thing. The former requires a blind leap of faith and true enough… Many Christians believe that Christianity is the former, not the latter.

When one is brainwashed into thinking that God’s love is illlogical, he further runs into the danger of believing just about anything. For once, the best resource about God (the Bible) has no hint whatsoever in approving the view.  In fact, the God in the Bible is confident of his character being logical (Isaiah 1:18) I have actually encountered Koreans preaching about God the Mother using grossly misrepresented verses from the Bible. One begins to wonder if their “missionaries” had read the entire passage in context, for interpretations such as theirs is only possible when one force fits his ideas with the text.

When one cannot comprehend the love of God, they should simply say, “I don’t understand the love of God.” to say that one fails to fully grasp God’s character is different from saying that God’s character is illogical. The former, an act of humility. The latter, arrogance (or worse, ignorance).

Many statements used in preaching will never find their way in the scholarly level. Any Christian apologist hearing sermons about God being illogical, even in a the slightest way, will certainly feel a pinch of discomfort. Unless one begins to minister to atheists and agnostics, one’s view of God will simply be enclosed within the four corners of the church. Atheists and agnostics are often thinking people… And the easiest way to kill a conversation is to tell them that your God is illogical but you believe in Him anyway (now what makes your God different from a Tooth Fairy?).

Each man has a basic assumption that all things have to be logical. To deny what has just been written is to self-destruct the objection. I’ve talked to people, many times to children, who would ask me the WHY questions of life. One will never long for meanings if a life littered with incoherence is livable. Yet while children seeks the logic behind all things, some adults cower over the fact that God’s love is beyond their grasp and consequently, dismiss it as illogical.

A hefty price once has to pay… and worse, the damage crawls off from the pew into the minds of public, both skeptics and believers alike.  A hefty price indeed.

See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ.

Colossians 2:8


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