The future of Christianity is not a pleasant sight. What the world has seen from the days gone by, the centuries of battles, either with blood or with words has forced Christianity into the cave that it is in today. When one looks at the issues prowling around the defenseless Christians, the reality will take the scales off the eye of the observer.

Consider divorce. For the lifetime of Jewish and Christian tradition, such a deed has been in no other way apart from sin. Not so in the modern age. The abolition of theocentric foundation of morality has led the entire world to embrace a relativistic view of good and bad. Such is the slippery slope one has to take to legitimize every other sin that God thought are wrong. Of course, without an objective moral compass, man ultimately finds himself liberated from the stranglehold (or dare I say, the safety) of theonomy. When man is left to his own volition to define right and wrong, it is only a matter of time before morality is rewritten. Just as false gods are modeled in the image of man, so are false morals modeled after the sinfulness of man.

Abortion, once taught to be a heinous crime against the unborn has been legitimized in many places. While many may find it ludicrous to take the life of a baby outside of the mother’s body, many err when the same baby is located within the womb. Tattoos, which are taboo in the Judeo-Christian belief system, are now seen as okay. Women, during the time of Paul, were asked to veil their heads, now stroll the light of day without them. Modest outfit, again a virtue during the days of Paul, is now considered ancient, even ridiculous. What a shame that while Christians proclaim  liberation from the Islamic ‘bondage’ of hijabs and niqabs, they fail to realize that Muslims do a better job obeying Paul than most Christian women today, even if in wearing hijabs they become countercultures.

Consider hair length for men which again, in Paul’s epistle to the Corinthians, was thought to be a disgrace, yet one would need not spend a long time to find men with the hair length of a woman.

Minor things? Says who? This is the problem of Christianity today. While Jesus consistently taught that it is better to amputate a body part that causes one to sin habitually, exegetes relegate such to a mere metaphor. To look at sin and see it less than what it is is to turn a blind eye on the need for remedy. Many Christians profess to be Christians because of convenience, not convictions. It’s great to be a Christian because in every small groups sessions and sunday services they are welcomed by some of the best people they’ll ever find in the world. It’s truly a place to enjoy the convenience of not being judged negatively for your weaknesses and being praised and honored and respected by many of those around you. Meanwhile, when asked to abstain from alcohol as a cultural taboo (Romans 14) or even piracy (Romans 2), nominal Christians back off from the confession of their lips. In the words of Edmund Chan, “truth is sacrificed in the altar of pragmatism.” While God has obviously declared in Leviticus that one must distinguish between what is sacred and what is not, many today are quick to dismiss those who stand for such as hypertraditionalist, self-righteous, legalist, or even an extremist, as if extremism in and of itself is bad. If by extremism one means conforming to God’s law to the extreme, the negativity that surrounds the word quickly vanishes. This of course, assumes that the God in reference is not man made.

Because the previous generations and this have taken God’s law for granted, we find ourselves in the mire that we are. On the one hand, there’s atheism. Do atheists have even any positive proof that God doesn’t exist? A quick review of the best arguments from the most popular of them says nothing. None. David Hume, Voltaire, Richard Dawkins, and the rest of the ‘intellectuals’ in their stable has produced at best, a positive case for agnosticism. Sure, but in light of the greater veracity of the arguments for theism, they pale. Even the atheist’s best argument, the Problem of Evil, assumes God in order to disprove God. Should it even be surprising that majority of theist/atheist debate in the academic world featuring premier debaters see the winning scales tilted overwhelmingly towards theism? [1]

But why can’t most Christians respond? Why can’t most Christians see the pseudoscience that is Abiogenesis? Why can’t most Christians see through moral relativism? Anti-supernaturalism? Why? Because we’re lazy. We’re all too happy to live our lives as cultural and societal infants. Conformity has become a virtue. We think that we’re okay cruising along the Christian life because let’s face it. Why bother being relevant to the world when we know we’re saved?

If Christians refuse to be relevant to the society by being a light to the world, they will be forced to set the next generation up for destruction. Let me say that one more time. If Christians refuse to be relevant to the society by being a light to the world, they will be forced to set the next generation up for destruction. There is no other way to put it.

Consider Islam. They have far more anti-Christian apologists than Christians have against Islam. The main thrust of Islamic dawa (evangelism) is not against atheists. It’s against Jews and Christians. The Qur’an is a polemical material against Christianity. While such is the case, a question deserves to be asked: “How many Christians have actually read the Qur’an, the Hadiths and study Islamic arguments?” Of all the fronts, Islam is intellectually the weakest challenger because in almost every occasion where it challenges Christianity, it will saw off the branch its sitting on [2] yet because of lack of Christian intentionality in studying the Bible and studying the veracity of the faith, many cave in. Why? Why can prepubescent Muslim memorize huge portions of the Qur’an while we Christians can’t even memorize the names of the 66 books of the Bible? Why? How negligent we have become. We have treated the discipline to study and meditate on God’s revelation with contempt, and now, we pay the price.

Homosexuality. Why would there be even Christians who would think that homosexuality is not addressed in the Bible when in fact Leviticus 18, 1 Corinthians 6 and Revelation 21 speaks strongly against it? Why redefine ἀρσενοκοιται and μαλακοὶ as though Paul meant something else when he used those words to mean homosexual men and effeminate men? Before the recent centuries there wasn’t even debates on what those words mean because clearly, those words mean what they meant. Why do Christians fold? Why?

Just recently, a facebook post claiming that the NIV and the ESV are produced with ulterior motives to deny timeless Bible truths have spread like wildfire. How naive we have become. How gullible. We have found ourselves in a world where we are hardly able to distinguish between good scholarship and the mockery of it. While we are all too busy taking selfies, doing dubsmashes, and criticizing politicians, the world is throwing rounds of false knowledge and we are forced into the truth war armed with plastic swords, and since many are ill equipped to face the daunting challenges of our time, they remain secure in their shell holes as submarine Christians. Surfacing only in Sundays for worship. In the words of Malcolm Muggeridge, “We have educated ourselves into imbecility.”

The picture of Christianity’s future is grim. We are faced with three pronged opposition. Christian laziness, secular rhetorics, and the obfuscation of truth. When truth is being shouted down, all the more should its voice be heard. If nominal Christians of this generation continue to live as though there’s no real contention for truth taking place, this generation will be among the last few to see the cross of Christ standing tall. Christianity will be reduced to a miniscule voice in the not so distant future. When that happens, the world will plunge itself into godless anarchy, each one doing whatever is right in his eyes. The world will drown in an ocean of sin, and then, Christ will come again.

Oh that God have mercy on tomorrow’s children and open the eyes of this generation to avoid a repeat of the days of the Judges and Kings.

But then again, perhaps such is the descent we ought to see, just as it was prophesied in Amos 8:11-12 long ago.

[1] Some famous ones are the Craig vs. Zindler, Lennox vs. Dawkins, Craig vs. Hitchens, Craig vs. Harris, Habermas vs. Flew.

[2] These become self evident with basic knowledge of Islam and watching famous debates such as White vs. Ally series, White vs. Rashid, White vs. Abualrub, Qureshi vs. Lewis, Shamoun vs. Ahmed, McDowell vs. Deedat.


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