Answering Zakir Naik

On February 23, 2015, in Apologetics, Islam, by july

If you do not know Zakir Naik, he’s among those who are standing at the forefront of anti-Christian apologetics in Islam.  If Christians would like to engage the culture, they will eventually have to deal with arguments against it.  While there is a vast amount of resource to argue against atheism, not many falls into the topic of Islam.  Someone once said that you need not know all the counterfeits.  All you have to know is the original and compare the counterfeits against it. This is true but sometimes, not enough. For instance, how do you speak into a system where people are deeply rooted in misguided beliefs without knowing what these beliefs are and how they are perceived? While you may know the original, knowing counterfeit helps to go beyond your shell and actually making the harvest in the field.

I decided therefore to pen a series of blogs that would address such issues.  James White made an interesting comment a few years back.  He said something along these lines, “the issue is not about ‘my scripture is greater than your scriptures’. The issue is that ‘my scripture is scripture and yours is not’.” He’s right. If God actually considers one set of writings to be scripture, any other form of it, either offshoots, additions, or subtractions are inappropriate.

In any event, these blog series may well look into the Islamic Scripture, the authentic hadith sources, and history.  I must admit that these posts have to be edited a world over.  Like I said, it is very easy to treat a mocker according to his folly.  I’m glad to have spoken with Michael Licona today. His few words were what I need to bring back the cool head I so often lose, especially when dealing with claims of men who lack both knowledge and tact.

I have some brothers to thank also for their subtle hints to keep my cool. As what has already been said, ruthlessness have its use, but perhaps not on articles published over the internet. Further, listening through Rodney Stark’s cool and scholarly works and Ravi Zacharias’ writings have been helpful to restore in me my method of writing that is largely intended for equipping and less on personal rants.

This series of blog posts will feature video footage from Zakir Naik’s lecture in Malaysia. In cases where one may consider accusing me of false representations of the video clips I use, a link to the entire lecture will be helpful. I also have to say that these series of posts may well touch some sensitive nerves. Thus, please excuse any form of offense the blog posts will have. In any event, the importance of sound reasoning cannot be neglected in favor feelings.

I shall begin the series with my next post.  With that, I may have several excurses in what’s happening with my life and so other blogs may be composed in between the series.  I hope you find them helpful and stimulating.


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