There is absolutely no way in the near future to replace the smartphone as the most productive screen toting device one can own.  To put up a pair of spectacles or a watch to ‘compliment’ the phone is rubbish.  Neither one of them is better than the phone for anything.  If any, these are just failed experiments that the tech industry jumped into, thinking that they’re the next big thing.  Just as tablets failed in the time where Microsoft first demoed theirs, so will watches and glasses fail this year.

I think Apple made the right decision to purchase Beats… because the next big thing is most likely a device without a screen… and yup, I call it a smartgear headset.

Here’s why headsets are cool:

1. Give any kid in the block a wireless beats headset and it becomes a fashion statement of someone cool.  Headsets make fashion statements not saturated by Rolexes and Oakleys.

2. When one puts on his headset all the time, it prepares him for all audio inputs from his smartphone or tablet.  He can easily pick up calls, listen to music, watch a video, or even make voice interaction with Siri without loosening his earphones.  Having a headset all the time not only makes it a fashion statement, it also brings with it a huge time savings in preparing one for audio input from his smart device.

3. This new headgear should also have a noise cancellation adjustment.  This will enable the user to have a good sense of audio input from his environment when crossing the street or talking to other people while at the same time, an ability to cancel out external noise when listening to music or watching a show on his device.

4. The user no longer needs his phone to vibrate when something comes up.  Consider this.  An email, an SMS, a Whatsapp message, a facebook update and almost anything that happens to your phone comes to you with a vibration, and you’re almost always directed to waking your phone up, unlocking it, and pulling down the notification bar to see what’s new.  When a headset is always with you, you can remove all these hassles when you hear a voice notification telling you what has come in.   This saves you a lot of time pulling your phone out to look at uninteresting updates.

5. Voice GPS.  Yeah baby.  Who needs a visual map when your headgear can tell you how to go to a place you’re looking for? Sure, Google Map is good, but you’re once in awhile unsure on where to make the turn.  Not with a good headgear navigation.

6. Did I say that most of us stare at screens for hours and hours a day? Dispersing information input from the eye to the ear saves your precious eye from radiation.

7. And of course, say hi to blind techies!  With these awesome headgears, the blind community will enjoy a world far bigger than where they are right now.

8. Voice Translation.  Imagine a time when going to a foreign land and you need to speak to a local whose language you don’t know.  All you need is a headgear that listens to voice input and translate it to your language.  Cool huh? Yup, headgears are awesome.

9. Audioblogs, audiobooks, audionews, these things are what we can expect in the future.  Audio input is processed faster than reading.  Some research shows that people can process audio inputs 30% more productively than from reading.

Apple, my eyes are on you.  Wow me with an iBeats ‘smartgear’ and I’ll be your patron once again.



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