If there is a God, then God has to be a loving God

God by definition is a maximally great being.  Since love is a great making property (Unconditional love is greater than unconditional hate, for instance), God has to be loving.  This is simply a description of what God ‘must’ be like.  Not an inference to Christianity or any other religion.

If there is a God, then God must be morally perfect

From the very same summary of God’s nature above, a maximally great being must also be morally perfect, for a morally perfect being is greater than a morally flawed being.

Man is not morally perfect and is therefore incapable of spending eternity with God

We are not morally perfect.  Doing good works will not erase the sins we’ve done in the past.  Consider the table below:

 Year 2013 2014 2015 Total
Good Deeds 90 95 100 285
Bad Deeds 10 5 0 15
Average 90 95 100 95

Suppose you would spend all your life doing good deeds from here onwards, you will never reach to a point where you are 100% good.  Notice that the mere fact that as long as you sinned at least once in your life, you’re already, by proper logic, disqualified to be with God.

See longer table below:









Good Deeds









Bad Deeds


















Man need is not to do good to outweigh his bad deeds.  He needs rather, someone to account for his bad deeds.

Notice that no matter how much one does good, he will never be able to reach a state of perfection.  What man needs is not to outweigh his bad deeds, he needs someone to address his ‘bad deeds’ problem.  Man needs help.

Forgiveness is the only way

Man needs forgiveness from the one he offended.  He needs God’s forgiveness.  Yet forgiving entails sacrifice from the forgiver.  The one who forgives has to take the consequence of our sins.  If God is the forgiver, he has to take that consequence rather than us.

The wage of sin is death

A Holy God does not want anything to do with sin.  Sinners have to die.  We deserve no place in heaven as sinners.  Yet if God wants to forgive man, HE HAS TO DIE.  God has to die in our place.

The Death of Jesus

Jesus’ death is only efficacious if he is God.  Man’s salvation hangs on the deity of Christ.  For in the absence of God’s death, there can be no forgiveness of sins.  The forgiver has to take the consequence to pronounce forgiveness to the forgivee.

Man’s Need For a Lord and Savior

Unless man accepts God’s forgiveness, he remains unforgiven.  In the same manner that a person has to receive the gift before it becomes his, so is it with forgiveness.  When one refuses forgiveness, he will not be forgiven.  Forgiveness is a free gift from Jesus who has to die in our place.  We need a Savior… and God provided.  Yet to continue to live a life of sin is to make mockery of God’s sacrifice.  If one continues to live in sin, no sacrifice is left.  What awaits man is nothing other than death.  Thus, one has to learn from Jesus.  One has to submit to His authority.  One has to make Him, God, the Lord of his life.

Why It Matters if Jesus is God?

Only God can account for the sin of mankind.  As God is the offended party, and God is also the forgiving party, he has no other choice but to absorb the consequences.  If Jesus is not God, then we are still in our sins.  None has been sacrificed but man.  But man is not the offended party for our sins, God is.  Why should a random guy 2000 years ago be executed for the sins of mankind? It doesn’t make sense.  But if JESUS IS GOD, then it makes a whole lot of sense.

Why It Matters if Jesus was Raised?

If Jesus was raised, it means at the very least that He enjoys God’s stamp of approval.  For why would a con man gain a special privilege to be raised from the grave? If Jesus was raised, then it means everything for mankind.  It means that if there is a God, then God validates the deeds of Jesus.  Buddha lived, died, and was buried.  Mohammad lived, died, and was buried.  Jesus lived, died, was buried and was raised from the dead.  No other religious leader in history enjoys the same elevation as Jesus did.  No prophets, no deity claimers, no one was raised in the manner that Jesus did.

I have written more extensively here and a more extensive yet short documentary from Lee Strobel here

What Does This Boil Down To?

It’s simply this: our salvation hangs on two things.  (1) If Jesus is God and was Raised From the Dead, then He is the only one rightful and worthy enough to address our sin problem.  (2) If man accepts Jesus as his Savior (through the forgiveness of sins) and Lord (to be obedient to His will regardless of how we want to do otherwise), then he can be certain that at the end of his life, he will spend eternity in His Kingdom.



Suppose you stand at the bottom of the mountain.

From your point of view, you’ll see a lot of possible paths that could potentially take you up.

But in order for you to know which among those paths can take you all the way up, you have to at least have stood at the top and see.

Jesus is the only one who came from above to tell us how to get there.

Not Mohammad, not Buddha, not Krishna.

Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)

If Jesus is God and he claims that there is no other way, then it means there really is no other way.  If Jesus came from above to tell us that there is no other way, then it means there is no other way.  We are all left with a decision that will ultimately affect our eternity.  So if you haven’t made the choice, think about this seriously.


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