Semiotics and the Ontological Argument: An Exploration of the Existence of God from the Axioms of Communication

On December 30, 2017, in Apologetics, Insights, Personal, Philosophy, by july

It is finished! I’ve never read so much stuff in so little time to write so short an essay on so complex a topic. My paper can now be accessed from this link: Semiotics and the Ontological Argument: An Exploration of the Existence of God from the Axioms of Communication I certainly hope I had […]


Three Areas of Research I Want to Explore Further

On December 26, 2016, in Apologetics, Personal, Philosophy, by july

I have learned a whole lot this year on different touch points of reality. Two of the most exciting ones which I hope to really learn more are theodicies and abstract objects. I’m especially grateful to my professors, friends and classmates who I pestered with tons of questions. It’s interesting to survey how people think […]


The Supremacy of the Trinity part 1 – Defining God

On October 8, 2015, in Apologetics, Doctrines, Insights, Philosophy, Trinity, by july

The most important thing one must remind himself of when trying to understand the nature of God is to set the boundaries of what he may attribute God with by means of definition. Unless one has a proper definition of God as a starting point, he will inevitably stand in murky waters as he furthers […]


From Deism to Calvinism, A Survey of the Divine Puppeteer

On November 13, 2014, in Apologetics, Philosophy, by july

Ever wondered how much control God has in this Universe? Deism, the view that says God created everything and left it to be from then on appeals to a sizable range of philosophers and laymen. Antony Flew, a vociferous atheist in his time has moved from atheism to deism in the ebbing moments of his […]


Why The Ontological Argument For God’s Existence Is Pretty Cool

On April 19, 2013, in Apologetics, Philosophy, Uncategorized, by july

The Ontological Argument is a method by which one could prove the existence of God by appealing to the very nature of God as a Maximally Great Being.  Alvin Plantinga, one whom which I think has formulated the most convincing argument, constructed it in this manner: It is possible that a maximally great being exists. […]


The Escapist’s Retreat to Mystery

On February 27, 2013, in Apologetics, Insights, Personal, Philosophy, by july

We live in this world equipped with assumptions.  The very first thing one does in the morning—getting out of bed is in itself, a reason-filled decision that is based on assumptions.  For instance, the duty to go to work on time is one of them.  Of course, one has the choice to retreat back to […]


Why The Bible Cannot Be the Final Authority of Belief

On February 18, 2013, in Apologetics, Christian Living, Insights, Personal, Philosophy, by july

When a Christian pens such a headline for his article, many of those holding a similar faith would feel uneasy, and rightly so.  We have been indoctrinated both inside the church and out that in a largely Christian nation, the Bible contains every figment of information necessary.  So much so that cultist group would use […]


A Brief Summary of the Best Arguments for the Existence of God

On July 6, 2012, in Apologetics, Philosophy, by july

The goal of this post is not to comprehensively defend each argument but simply to present what they are and next to them is a short description. Kalam Cosmological Argument Whatever begins to exist has a cause The universe began to exist Therefore, the universe has a cause. What this argument does is that it […]


Circular Reasoning and Doctrinal Absurdities

On April 3, 2012, in Insights, Philosophy, by july

Christian laypeople are often incubated into the idea that the Bible is inerrant.  One has to wonder if inerrancy is such an easy word to comprehend, why does one need to come up with a Chicago Statement of Biblical Inerrancy from more than 200 Christian leaders around the world? During a dinner I had with […]


Betraying the Thinking Mind

On March 30, 2012, in Philosophy, by july

I think that ministers and preachers are making a serious error in saying that a character of God is illogical. Take for example this book where the title begins by saying that God’s love is illogical. It is, I believe, a mockery of God’s wisdom. To say that God’s love is illogical is also to […]


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